[ Tech News ] Firefox Quantum, Open Challenge To Chrome

To all chrome lovers, I think it's time you should take a look at Firefox Quantum. Firefox new version that is Quantum, is quite a browser. As said by Firefox it is twice as fast from it's previous versions.

From Layman terms, it's blazing fast, secure and more over it doesn't take much of your memory. So, I have been using it for 7 days, and I think, I am quite happy by using it. Unlike chrome, your privacy is not compromised, neither your memory nor speed.

Verdict : I think this may bring revolution in browser's history. If you are chrome lover, it's time to change your browser. For Firefox user, it's a gift from them browse on it .

Read More at Firefox Page

[Tech News] Unofficial Xposed Framework for Android 7.1 Nougat


After months upon months of waiting, we’ve finally got Xposed Framework support for Nougat ROMs (though unofficially). Thanks to some talented developers over XDA Forums, you can now install the Xposed Framework on an Android Nougat ROM through a flashable zip.

Up until now, the future for Xposed on Nougat looked a little shaky. Rovo89 – the developer behind the Xposed Framework – provided an update on support for Android Nougat a little more than a week ago. Rovo89 essentially stated that there was still a lot of work to be done in order to get Xposed working properly on Nougat, and that we would just have to be patient.

Thankfully, it looks like we’ve gotten a temporary solution for those of us who have been anxiously waiting for a stopgap measure. The PurifyOS Team grabbed the ART module that developer abforce had been working on (and that was posted about earlier today), and adapted it to be installable on other custom ROMs through a flashable zip (instead of having to be implemented when compiling the ROM).

There are currently three available versions for different platforms, including Xposed SDK25 ARM64, Xposed SDK25 ARM, and Xposed SDK25 x86. The PurifyOS Team has tested this new version of Xposed with a OnePlus 3T running OxygenOS based off of Android 7.1, but it should work on other phones running Android Nougat and users are already reporting that they’ve been able to successfully install it on different ROMs and devices. For instance, a few users on the OnePlus 5 have reported it working (no surprise, given that it runs on the OnePlus 3T just fine), but a user running an AOSP-based ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S6 also reported that it worked for them.

There will be quirks to figure out and not everyone has managed to get it to work so far, with some users experiencing force closes and other oddities. However, even with this being the case, you can still give it a shot if you’ve been waiting for the arrival of Xposed on Nougat ever since the previous version of the Android OS was released. Not all existing Xposed Framework modules will work right off the bat, but some really popular ones such as Amplify are reported to be working.

Be sure to make regular backups and read the thread carefully before venturing in if you are unsure about whether your device or ROM is supported. Finally, make sure to use the “search” function before leaving a duplicate question. Android O might be right around the corner, but as the saying goes, “better late than never.” Plus, a lot of users aren’t going to be seeing Android O on their devices for quite some time, so Xposed should be a nice treat so you don’t feel left behind.

Download Unofficial Xposed Framework for Nougat on the XDA Forums