[ How to ?? ] Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Exynos Variant

We’re starting to see more and more people getting their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, so for those of you looking for some help in rooting your device, XDA Recognized Developer dr.ketan has made a simple step-by-step guide for you. This guide will walk you through how to gain root access to the device using SuperSU. The developer also promises to provide an EFS backup tool so you can save the important data in this partition.
Once your device is rooted, you open up the device to some interesting modifications such as flashing the popular audio mod called Viper4Android. Of course, there are already a ton of things you can do without root on Samsung devices such as blocking ads and disabling bloatware, but having root access is an added benefit nonetheless.
Check out this guide in Galaxy Note 8 forum

[Kaspersky] Kaspersky Reset Trial v5.1.0.39 (Trial Resetter)


Kaspersky Reset Trial

Kaspersky Reset Trial is a program to reset the trial period for the antivirus made by Kaspersky Lab and activate and saves the dump activation.

Supported Versions
Kaspersky Antivirus
  • Kaspersky Antivirus 2012
  • Kaspersky Antivirus 2013
  • Kaspersky Antivirus 2014
  • Kaspersky Antivirus 2015
  • Kaspersky Antivirus 2016
  • Kaspersky Antivirus 2017
Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2012
  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2013
  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2014
  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2015
  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2016
  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2017
Kaspersky Total Security
  • Kaspersky Total Security 2015
  • Kaspersky Total Security 2016
  • Kaspersky Total Security 2017
  • Kaspersky Free Antivirus 2016
    Kaspersky Free Antivirus 2017
  • Kaspersky CRYSTAL 2.0
    Kaspersky CRYSTAL 3.0
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8
    Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10
  • Kaspersky Small Officе Security 2
    Kaspersky Small Officе Security 3
    Kaspersky Small Officе Security 4
    Kaspersky Small Officе Security 5
What’s New
  • Added a screensaver with information on financial support for the development of the KRT project (at the request of users).

Download & Links 
Kaspersky Reset Trial v5.1.0.39 (Trial Resetter) Final / Mirror (2.9 MB)