[ How to ?? ] Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Exynos Variant

We’re starting to see more and more people getting their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, so for those of you looking for some help in rooting your device, XDA Recognized Developer dr.ketan has made a simple step-by-step guide for you. This guide will walk you through how to gain root access to the device using SuperSU. The developer also promises to provide an EFS backup tool so you can save the important data in this partition.
Once your device is rooted, you open up the device to some interesting modifications such as flashing the popular audio mod called Viper4Android. Of course, there are already a ton of things you can do without root on Samsung devices such as blocking ads and disabling bloatware, but having root access is an added benefit nonetheless.
Check out this guide in Galaxy Note 8 forum

[iOS ]iOS 11 concept for iPad users

We’ve already seen a few concepts imagining what iOS 11 could look like, but today the folks at MacStories have put together a video highlighting new features that could come to the iPad as part of the update. The incredibly well thought and much needed out concept imagines features such as system-wide drag and drop, a new Shelf feature, and much more…

This concept, designed by Sam Beckett, focuses primarily from the productivity angle the features that could be brought to the iPad with iOS 11. After all, many have said that the iPad lacks the features and capabilities to make it a true PC replacement like Apple says it to be.

Headlining the concept is support for system-wide drag and drop. While iOS currently supports this capability in random places, making drag and drop available throughout the operating system would allow users to easily move content such as images, text, and files between applications and documents.

Building on drag and drop is a new “Shelf” feature and interface. This would appear when users drag content towards the top of the display and offer a place for users to save content for later. For instance, you could save a song, image, or app in the Shelf and quickly access it later from another application.

There’s also a redesigned Split View app picker. The current interface for this functionality simply lets users scroll vertically through a long list of applications to find what they’re looking for. It’s one of my biggest issues with iOS on the iPad, and a redesign is long overdue.
The picker imagined in this concept presents users with a grid of applications, similar to what they’d see on their home screen, as well as integrated Spotlight for easily searching for apps. Recently used apps would also be displayed along the bottom in a card interface. The interface imagined here is much better than what Apple actually shipped and here’s hoping the company takes a look at this concept.

Finally, the concept depicts various other design tweaks, better extension support in Safari, improvements to Notes and Control Center, and much more.

Apple is expected to introduce iOS 11 next month at WWDC 2017, alongside the rumored 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Seems like the perfect opportunity to reveal a dramatic iOS overhaul for iPad, to me. Check out the concept video below and a wide range of images over on MacStories.