[ Tech News ] Firefox Quantum, Open Challenge To Chrome

To all chrome lovers, I think it's time you should take a look at Firefox Quantum. Firefox new version that is Quantum, is quite a browser. As said by Firefox it is twice as fast from it's previous versions.

From Layman terms, it's blazing fast, secure and more over it doesn't take much of your memory. So, I have been using it for 7 days, and I think, I am quite happy by using it. Unlike chrome, your privacy is not compromised, neither your memory nor speed.

Verdict : I think this may bring revolution in browser's history. If you are chrome lover, it's time to change your browser. For Firefox user, it's a gift from them browse on it .

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[Windows] Windows Creator Updates ISOs

Evidence has been mounting lately to indicate that Windows 10 build 15063 is the 'RTM' build for the upcoming Creators Update, also referred as 'Version 1703'. That build is now available for PCs and phones in the Fast ring, PCs in the Slow ring, and for those on the Xbox Insider Program; and the SDK and Mobile Emulator for the same build appeared online last week.

Microsoft hasn't yet made an official announcement about whether or not 15063 will be the 'final' Creators Update build for that roll-out - and it's possible that such an announcement may never come. But with very little time remaining until the update's release, it's looking increasingly likely that that will be the build.

Today, ISOs for build 15063 have made an appearance on Microsoft's servers ahead of their official release. Steve Truman (@KPRP42) shared the direct download links with us for two of the build 15063 ISOs that are now available from Microsoft.com:
 You can see from the links above, they are still identified as the build as an 'Insider Preview'; the settings app no longer displays 'Insider Preview' in Settings > System > About, but since this has been the case in other recent preview builds, this should not be taken as implicit confirmation that 15063 is RTM build.

With the ISOs now on Microsoft's servers, an announcement about their availability should come soon, and that they'll be posted to the official Insider Preview download page in the coming days along with Enterprise, Education, and other variants.

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